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  • yellow rattle flower
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Yellow Rattle Wildflower

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yellow rattle flower

Yellow Rattle Wildflower     bee and butterfly graphic

Approximate Seed Quantity: 100

The Yellow Rattle earns its name from its ripe seed pod, which rattles when shaken. An essential for any wildflower meadow. It supplies its own nutrients from its root system but also from nearby grasses, causing them to weaken. By doing this it restricts the grass growth which allow other species to thrive thereby increasing bio-diversity. The plant reaches 25-50cm tall and bears attractive yellow flowers. Annual. Download sowing guide

  • Broadcast on grass which has first been cut short and scarified.
  • Sow rate of 0.5gm to 1gm per m2 – do not over sow
  • Best sown in Autumn or Spring before the last frost
  • Do not mow the area further until the seed pods have dried late Summer
  • Mow late Summer to spread the seed for the following year