Why do your quantities per pack state they are approximate rather than exact?

Some of the seeds are so tiny that they are impossible to count, and unable to be sold by weight. In the case of the dust like seeds we use a spoon system this means that in most cases you are likely to receive more than the indicated approximate quantity. We also use the spoon system for some of the medium size seeds, but large ones are always hand counted.

Why are the sowing instructions not on the packet?

To be able to offer you such bargain prices for seeds packed and delivered (unless we are reusing outer packaging), in 100% recyclable packaging we need to keep the packaging as simple as possible. All sowing instructions are on the website.

What if my seeds do not germinate in the timescale given on your site?

All germination timescales and sowing instructions are guidelines only and can be affected by temperature, light and moisture conditions as well as correct sowing procedures. Should you suffer a germination failure please contact us via the Contact Page so we can discuss further.

Your seed packets have long Sow By dates on them. Are they really viable for such a long time?

Yes. If they are stored correctly. Any seeds not sown immediately should be stored in a moisture proof container and placed in your domestic fridge. That said our aim is to provide you with the number of seeds that you are likely to use in one go, hence cutting down on waste and expense. This also helps us offer you the bargain prices that we do.

Why can’t I contact you by telephone?

The reason for this is to keep costs to a minimum and to not affect the customer service you receive. We do not want to keep you hanging on the line when we are able to commit to responding to your email query via our Contact Us page with 48 hours. We pride ourselves on our customer service and will do all we can to ensure your shopping experience is a happy one.

Why should I be bothered to subscribe to your Newsletter?

Simple. You will be the first to hear about special events, promotions, discount codes and flash sales. We will even throw in some hints and tips. We promise not to fill your in-box with junk and will only email you once, twice a month at most. We hope to encourage our customers to also send in hints and tips that we can share with you all.

Will you keep my private contact and payment information safe?

Absolutely. We will never share your information with anybody. We do not store your payment information and only keep your contact details so that we are able to contact you in the event of a query on your order or offer promotions etc.

Why are some seeds vatable and others not?

Basically, if the seeds are edible or grow into a plant that is edible then it is free of Value Added Tax, even some flower seeds that result in plants with edible flowers such as Viola and Nasturtium.

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