About Us

Hi there, I’m Sidney Bean. sidney bean

I’m here to tell you about our mission here at Seeds To Suit.

Our aim is to run an environmentally friendly business that uses little to no plastic and encourages zero waste. To that end all our packaging will be fully recyclable, unless we are reusing packaging that we have received, and seeds will be provided in quantities that are better suited for individual users, small holdings, and allotments etc. I mean, who needs 2500 carrot seeds? In most cases, by the time you need to use them they will have gone beyond their sow by date!

Not only do we want to offer you great pricing, but we want to keep our cost to the environment as low as possible. We are here to encourage everyone to enjoy their gardens and vegetable patch and to be part of something even greater; to create spaces to encourage the bees, butterflies and all the insects that are so vital to our existence.

Our website is user friendly, even for children. You can encourage them to plant their own insect friendly garden and they can choose the seeds themselves.  All they need to do is look out for my friends Billy Bee and Bella Butterfly, if they are next to a product, you can be sure that it is a bee or butterfly, even both, friendly plant.

                                          bee butterfly graphic

If you are looking for plants specifically suited to baskets, pots, tubs or containers then my other friend Polly Pot will be there to guide you.

                                                     flowerpot graphic

We are happy to support Schools, Charities and Care Homes in their growing projects and we can also offer Bridal Favours and Memorial packages.

Your satisfaction is our pleasure, we are DEFRA licensed, and we will only offer you the best quality seeds and are happy to guarantee your success with them. If you have any concerns just contact us through the contact page.

We encourage you to subscribe to our updates, they will be no more than monthly but they will advise you of new additions and upcoming promotions, flash sales etc.

Seed the future with Seeds To Suit!

Happy growing!