August 2022

August 2022

Venidium Cape Daisy Zulu Prince

August 2022

Hi everyone!

Gosh this lack of rain has been brutal to deal with hasn't it? We hope you, and your plants, are managing. Remember, utilise as much of your grey water as you possibly can. We read of someone taking showers while standing in a large trug, it is a great idea if you are able but we have a horrid feeling we would overbalance and do harm. Each to their own though and 10/10 for ingenuity.

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We held a flash sale on selected items for a limited time which was very well supported. Not suprising really as we gave a massive 60% off! As ever, the surest way not to miss out on these things is to join our Community and subscribe.

If you have recently subscribed to our Community then your timing could not have been better. As well as the new products we added for August, which we will come to later, we are about to add a LOT more! At Seeds To Suit we are slowly trying to build an organic range that you will love so we are going to try to add one or two products each month. If there are any particular products that you would like stocked then please just drop us a line, if we can, we will.

The newbies of early August include a Habanero Orange Pepper which is not for the faint hearted as it is HOT! A white skinned sweet Spanish onion, this one was a customer request from the lovely Helen and we were happy to oblige. A cherry tomato called Giant Grape (Riesentraube) and not one, but two, organic products. The first is the tomato Cherry Chadwick, the second is a bell pepper called Sweet Asti Yellow. The last choice was pure indulgence on our part because it is so beautiful we could not resist. It is the Venidium Cape Daisy Zulu Prince, as pictured.

The recipe in Sal's Kitchen was a fabulous summer soup made from Nasturtiums and Borage. Served cold, it made for a wonderfully refreshing dish. We had it in shot glasses as a between course 'amuse bouche'. Just WOW!

The Herb Garden focussed on Borage, very timely given Sal's recipe! Lots of interesting facts about this herb that has been around and used since the Medieval times. The bit we loved most is that it is believed to bestow courage and happiness, in fact the celtic word it is borrach which means courage. Cool or what?!

Anyway this is just a snapshot of what you are missing in the newsletter if you have not yet subscribed. Go on, join us...

Good luck with the extreme conditions, perhaps if we collectively do a rain dance we might have some!

See you further on down the garden path.

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