February 2022

February 2022

February is bringing the excitement of new products. We will now be holding 238 products in stock!

The new editions to the website are:

  • Wildflower Meadow Seed 80/20 (80% flowers/20% grass)
  • Wildflower Meadow Seed - 50 varieties of flowers NO GRASS.
  • The much sought after LUFFA seeds.
  • Chickpea Plant Seeds
  • Sprouting Chickpeas (great to do with the kids!)
  • Straw Flower Swiss Giant and Tom Thumb, both fantastic for drying.

First to hear about these new products and some special offers were our Subscribers so why not join them and be at the head of the queue?

Our Newsletter was also graced by a guest contributor, Alan Abrehart, who is the current President and Treasurer of the Weston Flower and Vegetable Society. Alan has decades of experience in horticulture, both commercially and personally so we were very grateful that he was able to send us a very helpful article. He covered things to do now, what can be sown now, either indoors, undercover or outdoors. It made for an interesting read with a cuppa!

Seeds To Suit is about to unleash the heated propagator and get some seeds underway. Some definites are tomatoes, beans, chillies, peppers, dahlia cactus mix and then we need to choose which flowers to grow for our patio pots. So much choice!

The offers currently running are:

  • 10% off your first order
  • A bespoke discount for Garden & Allotment Clubs, so if you are a member have a word with your committee
  • Free Royal Chantenay Carrots and Purple Sprouting Broccoli seeds (whilst stocks last) when you order £10 worth of product

We hope that you haven't been too battered by the current run of storms we are having and wish you a successful sowing February.

Seeds you soon!

Seeds To Suit