June 2022

June 2022

Hi Everyone, welcome to our June 2022 Blog.
As ever our monthly Newsletter was released to our subscribers yesterday and it was a corker! Join our Community by subscribing and you will have access to a lovely jubbly Jubilee code that will be issued to Subscribers only on Wednesday, 1st June at 9am through to Midnight on Sunday, 5th June. Don't miss out!
We covered things that you can continue to sow through June and introduced a newbie, as pictured above, the Petunia Pendular Balcony Mix. A plethora of colour!
Sal's Kitchen is back with another great recipe using produce that you are currently harvesting, or certainly will be soon and we introduced the new Herb Garden, where each month we will discuss a different herb. We started with Anise.

What to Sow in June?

June is a great month for sowing seeds. Both the air and soil temperature will have warmed up (hopefully!)

Biennials such as Foxgloves can be sown for over wintering for next Spring/Summer but you can also sow a second round of annual flowers to ensure you have a riot of colour in your garden from mid-summer through to early autumn.

Limnanthes (Poached Egg Plant); Nasturtiums; Night Scented Stocks to name just a few!

As for veg, as well as continuing to sow all your progression seeds, Beets, Radish, Lettuce etc well there is plenty to go at! 

Spring Onions - sow from now until August; Broccoli, Florence Fennel and for Pumpkins & Squashes - June is your last chance saloon!

Happy growing and we will see you soon further down the garden path!

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