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Turnip Milan Purple

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       purple turnips

Turnip – Milan Purple

Approximate Seed Quantity: 40

Purple topped, white rooted version of the famous Milan turnip. One of the finest flavours available from its buttery smooth flesh. Very resistant to cold and even the greens can be used when young and tender. Download sowing guide

  • Sow outside as soon as soil is workable. Avoid freshly manured areas
  • Sow a second crop in late summer for a autumn/winter harvest
  • Cover seeds with 6mm of fine soil
  • Row spacing: 38-45cm
  • When seedlings are 5-10cm tall thin to 10-15cm apart
  • Days to germination: 14-21 (can be longer depending on soil & weather conditions)
  • Harvest when roots are no larger than 7cm