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  • purple creeping thyme
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Thyme Purple Creeping

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        purple creeping thyme

Thyme - Purple Creeping     

Approximate Seed Quantity: 100

A low growing, carpet forming attractive herb reaching no more than 10cms in height with a spread of 30cm. This robust plant will even tolerate light footfall if used between steppingstones. Used for its flavour as per its common counterpart and tolerates all but the wettest conditions. When in flower it is a magnet for bees and other beneficial insects. Perennial. Download sowing guide

  • Best sown in spring to early summer or early autumn, around 13°C. It will not germinate well in very warm conditions
  • Do not cover seed just gently press into the growing medium and cover with plastic or under glass
  • Germination 14-28 days in the correct conditions
  • Transplant to pots/containers when large enough to handle to grow on
  • Harden off and plant out at 30cm spacing. Add grit if soil is very heavy or wet
  • Keep weed free during the first year