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Sweetcorn Glass Gem

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glass gem sweetcorn

Sweetcorn Glass Gem

Approximate Seed Quantity: 8

Translucent multicoloured beads on this Flint popping corn imitate glass, hence the name. This stunning variety is vigorous and can reach 2 metres plus so needs a warm sheltered position. Start undercover as early as possible to give as much growing time as possible. You can pop the corn, dry the decorative cobs or even grind for flour. Download sowing guide

  • Planting depth: 25mm
  • Soil temperature: 18-27°C
  • Days to germination: 4-12
  • Plant spacing: 45-60cm
  • Days to maturity: 100-120
  • Location: Sheltered, full sun and plenty of humus to ensure moist ground
  • Sow early spring, undercover, in 7cm pots
  • Plant in blocks, not rows, to aid pollination
  • Mulch any roots which may appear at base
  • Do not allow to dry out during hot weather whilst flowering
  • A long season is required to allow the cobs to start drying on the plant