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Spring Onion White Lisbon Winter Hardy

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white lisbon spring onions

Spring Onion – White Lisbon Winter Hardy

 Approximate Seed Quantity: 100

 Specially selected for its Winter hardiness and is only suitable for late Summer/Autumn sowings. The most popular and reliable spring onion producing succulent salad onions. Get ahead of the game for Spring and then continue with further White Lisbon of the Spring Summer version. Download sowing guide

  • Days to germination: 10-14
  • Planting depth: 1.25cm
  • Plant spacing: 2.5-5cm
  • Row spacing: 30-45cm
  • Seed directly outside in full sun/partial shade in well-drained soil or start indoors 8-10 weeks before transplanting outdoors. If transplanting clip to 7cm and plant 5cm deep, 5-7cm apart
  • July/August sowings should be ready before Christmas and later sowing will mature in early Spring