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Shallot Zebrune Banana

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        banana shallots

Shallot – Zebrune Banana 

Approximate Seed Quantity: 75

Heritage variety prized by chefs for their ease of peeling and their wonderful flavour. They produce larger bulbs which have a brownish pink skin. Good resistance to bolting. Download sowing guide

  • Best sown direct outdoors from late March to April
  • Well drained soil in full sun, avoid very wet or cold periods
  • Work in well-rotted organic matter a month or so before sowing
  • Sow thinly to avoid having to thin out
  • Sowing depth: 6-8mm in fine tilled soil
  • Spacing between rows: 30cm
  • Thin to 4-5cm between plants
  • Protect young seedlings from birds during spring