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Radish Rainbow Mix

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        rainbow radishes

Radish – Rainbow Mix 

Approximate Seed Quantity: 75

Everyone loves a bit of colour! This mix includes a great blend of four: 

Globe Sparkler – Tasty and attractive these crisp roots are a deep red with white tips. Quick to mature and keeps well after harvest.

Black Spanish Round – Black skinned producing globe shaped roots up to 6.5cm in diameter with hot white flesh. Sow from early spring until July-August for a crop into winter.

Zlata Yellow – With its yellow skin and white flesh this variety crops well all summer long. Resistant to cracking and bolting.

White Hailstone – Crisp, tender with a mild flavour this variety produces medium sized globes of brilliant white. 

  • For a continuous crop succession sow, little and often, from the last frost through to winter
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