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Radish Mooli Minowase

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japanese mooli radish

Radish -Mooli Minowase

Approximate Seed Quantity: 50

A large pure white radish. The tender, smooth root has little pungency and often reaches 30-45cms. The white roots tend to push out of the ground by 5-7cm developing green shoulders. The produce is often found in oriental markets, prized for its unique flavour and brittle, juicy flesh it is a wonderful addition for any oriental recipe, including Kimchi so why not give it a go? Download sowing guide

Radishes grow best in cool, moist weather (10-18°C) and, in the UK, are likely to bolt if planted between June to August

  • Plant outside in full sun from spring onwards as soon as soil is workable
  • Seed spacing: 2.5cm lightly cover
  • Thin to 5cm when plants have 3 leaves and keep weed free. Both leaves and root of thinnings may be used
  • Days to germination: 10-21
  • Succession sow every three weeks for a continuous harvest