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Pea Douce Provence

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Pea – Douce Provence

Approximate Seed Quantity: 15

This variety is the perfect substitute for Feltham First Early, which we seem unable to source just at the moment.  Whilst it is a First Early it is very adaptable, and you can make repeat sowings throughout the year. It is also hardy so you can happily sow it in Autumn for an early crop. In general this variety produces large crops of sweet, succulent peas on compact plant that grow to 75cm. Download sowing guide

  • Do not sow where peas have been grown for at least two seasons
  • Dig in well-rotted organic matter
  • Plant in rows 5-7cm apart, 2-5cm deep and 45cm between rows
  • Provide both support and protection from birds
  • Keep weed free
  • Pick regularly to encourage further yield