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Mullein (Greater)

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Mullein (Greater) Verbascum Thapsus          

Approximate Seed Quantity: 40

One of Mother Nature’s wonders! Medicinal and well known as a wildflower herb. Will add height and a wonderful aroma to any border with its fabulous architectural stature. Cutely, it is also known as Bunny Ears. It has an array of uses in the fields of medicine, cosmetics and decorative. It is especially known as an expectorant and is greatly sought after by foragers. Although it can be sown at any time it is best sown in spring and autumn. It will create flower spikes in year two. Height 2m. Biennial and very hardy. Download sowing guide

All parts of the plant, except the flowers, are mildly toxic. As always never ingest any herb for medicinal reasons without first consulting an expert.

  • Surface sow seeds in pots or trays in moist compost. Just press lightly to settle as they require light to germinate.
  • Germination: 12-15 days
  • When large enough to handle pot on and then transplant to growing site once danger of frost has passed