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Mimosa Pudica - Sensitive Plant

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Mimosa Pudica - Sensitive Plant

Mimosa Pudica – Sensitive Plant     Flower Pot

Approximate Seed Quantity: 10

Looking for something unusual for your home that will also fascinate the kids? You have found it! Commonly known as Sensitive Plant due to the reactions of the leaves and stems when touched or disturbed by a breeze. The leaves close and the stems drop as if on a hinge. The reaction is most dramatic when the plant is in full sun, and they return to normal after a few minutes. Makes a really interesting house or heated conservatory plant and produces very attractive pink flowers from mid-summer onwards. Not one for the garden. Perennial. Download sowing guide

  • Soak seeds for 20-30 minutes in hand hot water 60°C
  • Sow late winter to mid spring at 21-24°C in a heated propagator
  • Surface sow and gently press to ensure good contact with your seed compost
  • Do not exclude light
  • Seeds sown late will over-winter under glass / cover.
  • Days to Germination: 21-30