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Kohlrabi Delicacy White

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        white kohlrabi

Kohlrabi – Delicacy White 

Approximate Seed Quantity: 25

This modern variety produces great sized semi round roots. Slightly milder in flavour than its purple counterpart. Kohlrabi prefers cooler weather and an abundance of water; this will prevent the bulbs from becoming tough and woody. Download sowing guide 

  • Days to Germination: 6-9
  • Germination temperature: 21-30°C
  • Seed depth: 6mm
  • Seed spacing: 2.5cm
  • Row spacing: 45cm
  • Start indoors 4 to 6 weeks before setting outside. Spring planting can be done after the last frost and autumn planting throughout June, July and August
  • Thin seedlings to 25cm
  • Prefers well drained, fertile soil and plenty of water in dry spells
  • Harvest when bulbs are 7-8cm in diameter