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Green Manure Red & White Clover

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Green Manure Red & White Clover

Green Manure – Red & White Clover     Bee & butterfly graphic

Approximate Seed Quantity: 2g (cover for 1 square meter)

Buy only what you need, each pack is enough for 1 square meter. This wonderful mix of both red and white clover are not only beloved of bees. butterflies and tortoises, they make a brilliant green manure. This blend of short and tall white clover can be cut back, and spreads with a creeping habit close to the surface which fixes nitrogen. You can expect it to last 2-5 years if required but doesn’t like dry spells or areas. It is frost tolerant and an excellent weed suppressant. The red clover also fixes nitrogen and with its deep roots will be greatly beneficial to the soil structure once dug in.  Perennial. Download sowing guide

  • Sow outside March to August. Scatter thinly and light rake over in your prepared area.
  • Prefer moist conditions
  • Full sun or partially shaded
  • Days to germination: 14-24 (white) 3-5 (red)
  • Can be dug in 60 days after sowing or left until you choose