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Gourd Luffa (Loofah)

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gourds hanging from vine

Gourd Luffa (Loofah) bee and butterfly

Approximate Seed Quantity: 5

Did you think your bathroom Loofah came from the sea-bed? So did lots of people but oh no it came from the dried fruit of the Gourd Luffa. This plant really is one for the family to have fun growing. Can be slow to start but once established and with some warm weather they are vigorous plants that can reach 8-9 metres. Strong support is required, and the large and heavy fruit need to be kept clear of the ground. Download sowing guide

Soak your seeds overnight before planting (some like to nip the tip off with nail clippers)

  • Sow 1.5 to 2cm deep 4 weeks prior to the last expected frost under cover at 65°C
  • Days to germination: 18-22
  • Remove weaker seedlings and transplant stronger ones when 7-10cm high
  • Gradually acclimatise outdoors after all danger of frost has passed
  • Site the plants in a warm sheltered position with good drainage, full sun and warmth is required for them to thrive
  • Do not feed
  • Keep moist throughout summer and stop watering in autumn as fruits mature
  • In autumn the mature fruits will begin to dry and turn yellow/brown. They will feel light with loose skin
  • Harvest all fruit before the first frost and mature in a warm, well ventilated position