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Celery Utah

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    celery plant    

Celery – Utah 

Approximate Seed Quantity: 75

A vigorous and popular green variety provides crunchy, tender and stringless stalks. Well rounded and thick by nature. This late maturing variety is excellent for autumn use. Outer stalks can be harvested ad hoc as the plant matures. Download sowing guide

  • Days to germination: 14-21
  • Days to harvest: 100-120
  • Planting depth: 3mm
  • Plant spacing: 20cm
  • Row spacing: 60cm
  • Start indoors or in a greenhouse in March or direct outside when all risk of frost is passed
  • DO NOT allow plants to dry out or to tolerate temperatures below 12°C for ten days or more – this will cause the plant to bolt
  • Celery grows best in deep, rich but well drained soil