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Calendula Fiesta Gitana

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 several yellow calendula flowers             

Calendula – Fiesta Gitana         

Approximate Seed Quantity: 50

A very popular variety producing double blooms in a wide range of colours. A compact plant that is easy to grow, even in poor soils. Perfect for outdoor containers. You can even eat the flowers! Add them to a salad for a blast of colour and await the comments from your guests. Readily reseeds. Annual. Download sowing guide

  • Days to germination: 7-15
  • Planting depth: 3-6mm
  • Spacing: 20-25cm
  • Light: Full sun, partial shade or shade
  • Sow indoors for an early start or outside once danger of frost has passed
  • Once seedlings reach 5cm thin to 20-25cm and then transplant if necessary
  • Keep cutting the flowers for a continual show but leave the last few of the season for self-seeding next year