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Cabbage Savoy Perfection

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 single savoy cabbage head       

Cabbage – Savoy Perfection 

Approximate Seed Quantity: 30

This variety matures late summer. It is deeply crumpled with a drum-head and dark green leaves. It is tender with an excellent sweet flavour which is improved by a slight frost. Download sowing guide

  • Days to germination: 10-15
  • Days to maturity: 90
  • Harvest: Early to mid-winter
  • Start seed indoors or in a greenhouse in early spring, 5-7 weeks before planting outdoors. Alternatively, you can sow directly outdoors in mid-spring early summer when danger of the last frost has passed
  • Sow 2-3 seeds together every 30-45cm at a depth of 3mm
  • When seedlings are 2.5cm tall thin to the strongest one
  • Plant in a sunny location
  • DO NOT plant where members of the cabbage family were grown the year before