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Border Multi-Buy

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garden path with gate

Border Multi-Buy     Bee & Butterfly Graphic

See below for approximate seed quantities. First image for illustration purposes only.

SAVE OVER 21.5% compared to purchasing individual packs!

Do you suffer with 'border jealously' while admiring your neighbours packed full borders and comparing them to your gappy efforts? We know we did and that is why we have put this collection together so you don't have to! This package covers pretty much every required angle. Height, depth, annuals, perennials, self-seeders, ground cover and a whole lot of flowers right up until, and sometimes beyond the first frost.

Sow your seeds now and bring them on undercover until you can plant out after the last frost.

Contains 30 Varieties:

African Daisy x 50; Ageratum Blue Mink x 150; Amaranthus Love Lies Bleeding x 100; Cosmos Picotee x 20; Dahlia Cactus Mix x 25; Delphinium Larkspur x 100; Forget Me Not Blue x 175; Foxglove Mix x 125; Impatiens Busy Lizzie x 50; Lavatera Rose Mallow Mix x 50; Linaria Toad Flax Fairy Bouquet Mix x 350; Lupin Pixie Delight x 15; Lupin Russel Mix x 15; Marigold Crackerjack Mix x 75; Mesembryanthemem Pastel Mix x 150; Mimulus Tigrinus Monkey Flower x 250; Nemisia Carnival Mix x 125; Nicotiana Alata Sensation Mix x 175; Nigella Miss Jekyll Blue x 125; Phlox Twinkle Mix x 50; Poppy Antique Shades x 125; Poppy Indian Shirley Mix x 100; Poppy Purple Gleam x 125; Scarlet Sage x 50; Stocks Ten Week Mix x 50; Strawflower Swiss Giant Mix x 100; Venidium Cape Daisy Zulu Prince x 60; Wallflower English Bedding Mix x 150; Zinnia Dahlia Mix x 50; Zinnia Dahlia Mix Peppermint Sticks x 50