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Black Salsify

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Black Salsify Scorzonera

Black Salsify Scorzonera

Approximate Seed Quantity: 20

Scorzonera Long Rooted Maxima, commonly known as Black Salsify. Very unlikely to find this in your local supermarket so why not dare to be different and give it a go. Produces long black skinned tapering roots. Similar to parsnip but thinner. These are a real delicacy with a delicate and subtle oyster flavour. Fantastically long sowing and harvesting season too. Download sowing guide

  • Prepare your sowing bed as per carrots i.e. deep stone free soil that has not been freshly manured
  • Sow thinly in 1cm drills 30cm apart in growing site. They do not transplant well
  • Keep weed free and water during dry spells
  • Flavour improves after a frost
  • Days to germination: 14-28
  • Temperature required: 21°C +
  • Days to maturity: 112-175
  • Light full sun