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Poppy Mission Bells

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   mission bells poppies

    "Poppies in the sun" by rkramer62 is licensed under CC BY 2.0. The image above is a cropped version

Poppy – Mission Bells     bee butterfly graphic

Approximate Seed Quantity: 125

California Poppy Mission Bells is great at providing ground cover and thrives on neglect and drier conditions. Produces 5-7cm fully double flowers in across a brilliant range of colours on 15-20cm stems. A great filler for any gaps you may have. Annual. Download sowing guide

  • Sow seeds from late summer to late April in a sunny location
  • Prefers recently disturbed soil with good drainage
  • Sow direct to site as they do not transplant well, scatter sparingly and rake in
  • Water well until germination
  • Thin to 15-30cm apart
  • Dead head to encourage further flowers
  • Leave a few to aid self-seeding