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Pea Mangetout Snow Pea Oregon

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        mangetout peas

Pea – Mangetout Snow Pea Oregon     

Approximate Seed Quantity: 15

Hardy 1 metre tall vines produce a high yield of 10cm slightly curved fleshy pods of excellent flavour. High in vitamins A, B and C and extremely disease resistant. Download sowing guide

  • Do not sow where peas have been grown for at least two seasons
  • Dig in well-rotted organic matter
  • Avoid sowing during particularly cold or wet spells
  • Plant in rows 5-7cm apart, 2-5cm deep
  • Spacing between rows should equal the expected height of the plant
  • Provide both support and protection from birds
  • Keep weed free
  • Crops in around 68 days
  • Pick regularly to encourage further yield once the peas inside begin to form