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Chickpea Principe

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fruiting chickpea

Chickpea Principe bee and butterfly

Approximate Seed Quantity: 10

Rarely seen in the UK as it is usually grown in Asia and the Mediterranean. This seed is a white skinned variety of superior flavour. The foliage on the plant is particularly attractive with fern-like silvery leaves and it is very easy to grow. A profusion of pods are produced which, if picked young, can be eaten much as a petits pois or small French bean. A mature but still green chickpea is a great alternative to the edamame bean. Simply boiled, with or without pod, it is a fabulous addition to salads and perfect for green hummus. Download sowing guide

  • Sow seeds indoors
  • Planting depth: 40mm in a 7-8cm pot
  • Water well and place on a sunny windowsill
  • Optimum temperature: 12-25°C
  • Days to germination: 7-10
  • Plant seedlings out after 21 days once acclimatised to outside
  • Plant spacing: 15cm
  • Can be direct sown from late March to mid-April. Sow two seeds together at a depth of 50mm, 25cm apart. Water well until germination and then thin to the strongest seedling
  • Plant can be an irritant so wear gloves when handling
  • Any soil other than clay
  • Blind pods can form in wet weather but usually each pod will house two peas, harvest when they look large enough to eat.